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Roy Jones, Jr.: MMA Ally

Roy Jones, Jr. may be a little punch drunk, but he's a better boxing ally than virtually anyone else at the moment:

Q. What are your thoughts on UFC?

A. I watch it all the time. They have the best fighters fighting the best fighters and that's what boxing needs. You never can tell what will happen in a fight. Look at the last [Chuck] Liddell fight. Bam, 10 seconds it was over. They got that explosion they were waiting for. Boxing didn't get the same explosion out of Mayweather-De La Hoya.

Q. Do you think UFC will put boxing out of business?

A. No I don't think it will. UFC is a great thing, but boxing has to get on its game. UFC is the best fighting the best and that what boxing has to do. If you are an ultimate fighter, you are going to fight someone who is going to fight. In UFC, if you lose to a good fighter, you lost, you still know you are good fighter, and you come back the next day and fight again. In boxing, if you lose, that's it. You are done. I lose a few fights they want to tell me I'm washed up and I don't have it no more. The last fight I fought a worthy contender, but that wasn't good enough.

Q. Who would win between you and a UFC fighter?

A. It all depends on who gets there first. Now, I can't get on the ground and start wresting because I know nothing about that. But if I hit him before he gets to the ground, he's not going to get up and have the chance to wrestle.

People know it's called "a puncher's chance" for a reason, right?  Meaning little to no chance, right?  These boxers really believe they punch with superhuman strength.  Weird.