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Olde Schoole Chute Boxe

Here's a couple vids from the old days when Chute Boxe was innovating by bringing effective Muy Thai into MMA.
First one of Wanderlei Silva's first ever matches from 1997, going up against a very old school BJJ guy:

And here's a HL reel of his former Chute Boxe mate Pele Landi Jons. These days Wanderlei gets all the love but at one point Pele was leading the Chute Boxe charge. He KO'd Matt Hughes with a knee, and to my mind revolutionized MMA with his feud against BJJ star Jorge "Macaco" Patino. Macaco was one of the first BJJ guys with good wrestling and he had been brutalizing the competition in Brazil with vicious slams, ground and pound and cruel submissions. When Pele beat him 2 out of 2 matches it established strikers as a real threat in MMA.