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Does Dana Dare Risk the Curse of the Light Weight Tourny?

Since the Muscle Shark has blown it with the drugging (wonder how long the 'roids have been part of his regimen?) this creates an opportunity to have a tourny for the LW belt. Dana hates tournies -- probably because the last UFC tournament was the Lightweight tourny to replace Jens Pulver in 2003 and it ended in a disastrous draw between B.J. Penn and Caol Uno that killed the division for three years.

I say they go for it. Let's make some lemonade out of the steroid lemon.

Here's what I suggest -- hold an sixteen man tourny and the winner gets to face B.J.  for the title.

They should use some of the matches they've already got set up -- Fisher/Thomas, Stevenson/Pellegrino, Aurelio/Guida and Diaz/Assuncao -- to fill out one bracket.

Then fill out the other half of the bracket with: Thiago Tavares, Ken Florian, Frankie Edgar, Tyson Griffin, Gleason Tibau, Terry Etim, Shinya Aoki and Takanori Gomi.

I'm not going to hold my breath, but a kid can dream can't he?

For those who missed his destruction of Jason Black, here's Tavares from 2006: