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Round Up

There's a million stories in the big city, here's a couple from today:

Lots of talk about the MMA drup culture from Fight Opinionand MMA Weekly although it looks like everybody on the UFC 73 card got a clean bill of health. Update [2007-7-19 15:29:50 by Kid Nate]: Boy was I wrong about that!

FightLinker has lost his love for Mike Swick, due to Swick's taking Jonathan Goulet's Sherdog Forums bait and taking the fight.

Pro-boxer and UFC wannabe Kermit Citron got a KO this weekend. FightReport has the .gif action.

Kenny Florian's getting the sport some good publicity on NBC for visiting the troops.

That article led me to this good, if somewhat sad piece about 'roid casualty Mark Kerr.

Another boxing fan gets the MMA bug.

411 Mania picks five fighters to keep your eyes on. I dunno about Jake O'Brien, dude's got some serious health problems. And FightLinker is NOT a fan.

And here's a good Din Thomas video that's got me anticipating his match with Spencer Fisher.

Update [2007-7-19 14:9:1 by Kid Nate]: And I forgot the post that made me want to do this roundup, UFC Mania has video highlights from two exciting light heavyweights who have just been matched up against each other at UFC 75: Thiago Silva and Tomasz Drwal. I'm stoked about this matchup!