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Is Lee Murray Watching YouTube From a Moroccan Jail?

I was trolling the web looking for MMA clips to post and I noticed someone commenting and claiming to be Lee Murray/Lamrany Ibrahim, the English/Morrocan fighter currently in a Morrocan prison, avoiding extradition to England where he's wanted in the biggest robbery in UK history. What do you think? Is this Lee?

the only decent fing about this jail is i get in the law library and online 1 hr a day im happy to see geezers respect me all the world over,paul allen is being took back to london by the old bill and the fuckers are sayin hell get 25 years cunts! i aint never comin back!

The spelling of "fing" makes me think someone is gilding the lily but it's hard to tell.

Regardless, a lot of talent is being wasted in jail and you can't really blame anyone but Lee.