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Put Up Your Onions Fool

This is why your coach is always telling you to keep your guard up. Unless you're Muhammad Ali don't get cute. From this weekend's K1 HEROs LW tourny. The previously undefeated Artur Oumakhanov is the one getting schooled by Andre "Dida" Amade. Thanks to FightOpinion for the video link.

From the same tourny, Ralek Gracie shows that at least one branch of the Gracie family hasn't upped their game since 1994. Check out the lead footstomp kicks. Good thing his opponent had no discernible standup or wrestling skills. It's like a real-time refutation of MoreThanUFC's "Jiu Jitsu is Dead" post. Ralek says, "Gracie Jiu Jitsu Rulez!"

Update [2007-7-16 17:23:43 by Kid Nate]: Here's another home made YouTube MMA commentary. I think you'll find it as charming as I do.