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These Guys Could Hang in the UFC

As Steve Sievert reported last week, the August WEC features a welterweight title fight between "(Carlos) Condit (20-4) is coming off a submission victory over John Alessio at WEC 26 in March. The once-beaten (Brock) Larson (21-1) has won nine straight, including a TKO of Kevin Knabjian at WEC 28."
These are two tough dudes and either of them would be in contention in the UFC's stacked WW division. I wonder how Zuffa plans to move fighters back and forth. I would like to see the WEC champ maybe get a UFC title shot in 2008 but what would happen if he won? Maybe Karo Parisyan or Diego Sanchez could fight in the WEC? Regarldess, Condit and Larson are both badasses. Here's Condit subbing Frank Trigg:

And here's Larson taking out the previously unbeaten Eric Apple. This is a great ground fight -- lots of submission attempts by both fighters before Larson gets the Kimura.