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How To Fight Injured

American Top Team has a lot of elite fighters on their roster, but most of them get slept on, none more so than middleweight standout Denis Kang.  With all of the hoopla and focus surrounding the UFC, Kang's been flying under the radar.  But watch a couple of his fights.  It's immediately apparent how gifted and technical he is as a fighter.

But he's also got a lot of heart.  Not only did he lose his girlfriend Shelby Walker just prior to fighting in the finals of the Grand Prix, he also fought injured and never made an excuse.  Not once.  Notable quote:

Still, there's no better way to describe him after his split decision loss to Kazuo Misaki last November in the finals of the Pride Fighting Championships 183 pound tournament, where he fought from start to finish with a 95 percent tear in his left bicep.

Some observers felt that Kang may have done enough to earn the win, but he isn't dwelling on the judges' decision.

"The decision, I think, could've gone either way," Kang says. "But if I had won, some people would've said that he deserved it. It was a close fight. Of course I would've rather won it, but after that fight, even with the injury, I can honestly say that was 100 percent Kang in there. I fought as hard as I could."

Fighters: let this be a lesson to you.  If you're going to fight, then you fight as the man who enters the cage, not the man you wish him to be.  If that means fighting at a disadvantage, so be it.  Once you step into the ring, you've committed to fighting as everything stands.  No one is interested in your excuses.