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Zuffa Sues to Keep 'Ultimate Fighting'...but why?

Litigation-happy Zuffa has sued the biggest homegrown UK MMA organization, Cage Rage, for what they consider inappropriate use of the Zuffa-trademakerd term 'ultimate fighting.'  Cage Rage doesn't seem fazed as they believe the term is considered generic in the UK and therefor no one can claim ownership of it.  Notable quote:

With that expansion comes Zuffa's effort to protect its UFC brand, and as part of that it has sued UK's largest homegrown promotion, Cage Rage, for what the Las Vegas promoter alleges was copyright infringement over the term "Ultimate Fighting."

"Yes it's true, we are being sued by Zuffa," said Cage Rage promoter Andy Geer. "But it's also true we are defending the case. The UFC/Zuffa rely on bullying people with their high priced lawyers but they have picked a fight here that they cannot win."

Geer appears to be quite sure of his own legal footing: "The sport in the UK is commonly referred to as `Ultimate Fighting'; it even said that in the release they made.

"So yes, we promote Ultimate Fighting events. No one can trademark or copyright the term `Ultimate Fighting' in the UK. It has been deemed a generic term, therefore Cage Rage and anyone else in the UK is free to use it. Case closed."

I can't speak to the legalities of this case, so I won't.  What I can say, however, is that this pissing contest is embarassing.  That Zuffa has turned "ultimate fighting" into a proprietary term and actually spends time and money suing over it's use would be laughable were it not pathetic.  

Worse, though, is Cage Rage: do you really need the hassle?  Can't you market your events without use of the term?  Aren't there a million other ways to promote the show without use of the term?  You can't complain about lawyer fees in a battle that you are choosing to wage.  

Seriously, grow up.