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UFC 73 Attendance

Stacked attendance?  Not so much.  The numbers don't lie:

Capacity - 16,811
Deadwood - 3,628
Exempt Passes - 4,561
Sold - 8,622

Total Attendance - 13,183

Gross Receipts - $1,551,920.00

When a UFC event scores less than $2 million in live gate receipts, the show was anything but stacked.  Zach Arnold has more:

Look at the figures - 8,622 paid. They did a little under 8,000 in Ireland. This may sound like piling on here, but I've been saying far and wide in media outlets that once UFC gets out of the casino zones, they struggle to cultivate big crowds without the casino power and Vegas-style advantages. It puts that tremendous Columbus crowd into perspective (meaning it reflects well on the Ohio folks). What does it indicate? As boxing promoter Bob Arum put it in a recent Yahoo Sports article, once you leave Las Vegas you have to start using some elbow grease to attract larger crowds.

Word to Zuffa: get to scrubbing.