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Kimbo Slice's New Video

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Cage Fury is doing everything they can to hype this Kimbo Slice/Ray Mercer fight including the dissemination of a video with a new street brawl between Kimbo and "Chico".  The only problem I have with the vid is that Cage Fury associates their name with Kimbo's extra-cage activities.  Again, I don't have a problem with what Kimbo does.  That's his choice.  But it's not MMA.  With the recent attacks from the mainstream press equating MMA to dog or bar fighting, this sort of thing doesn't exactly give them a reason to pause.  The video is presented as an opportunity to get an "inside" look at Kimbo's life, but at this point, shouldn't that be Kimbo doing pad work or rolling with jiu-jitsu instructors?

HT: Lay and Pray