Whither the middleweights?

Ok so we just had a lame #1 contender match between Okami and Franklin in which clearly the better fighter didn't win. But that's Okami's fault for not pressing the action earlier.
But anyway, the top three are pretty clear: Rich Franklin will get to challenge the winner of Anderson Silva and Nate Marquardt.
I think it'll be one of those round robin things -- Marquardt matches up real well against Silva. Franklin matches up well against Nate. But time will tell.
My bigger question is this -- what's next for the rest of the division?
Okami is clearly still a factor, even if he's violated Dana's 11th commandment -- thou shalt not be boring. So one idea I read somewhere that made sense was to put him in against the loser of Silva/Marquardt. But if it's Nate I doubt Dana will want to risk another Salvaverry/Marquardt snooze fest.
But what a mess the rest of the division is. Jason MacDonald was rising nicely until Franklin crushed him. I figure he should fight Calib Starnes or Chris Leben next, see if he can beat all the TUF fighters.
Terry Martin is certainly on a hot streak, and you can't say Ivan Salaverry is light competition. But there's really no one else on a similar red-hot trajectory. Maybe he should fight Evan Tanner when
Tanner returns to the division? The winner would certainly be in title contention.
Martin Kampmann sure seems to be someone they're high on -- or maybe they just wanted to market him to the European audiences in Belfast. But I figure he's in the hunt for a good matchup. With whom?
Then there's Kendall Grove, I figure they'll want to nurse him along...who's a weak fighter they can feed to Kendall?

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