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Arm Bar = Kimura?

Yahoo! Sports should hire me as their mixed martial arts sports reporter because unlike the incumbent MMA writer, Kevin Iole, I know the difference between an arm bar and a kimura.  Notable quote:

And when Baroni went to Pride after leaving the UFC, he immediately started a winning streak. In his last fight, on Oct. 21 in Las Vegas, he earned a first-round submission over Yosuke Nishijima, using a kimura, which is a type of an arm bar.
Emphasis mine.  Um, perhaps I'm missing something, but these two aren't the same.  A kimura is a shoulder lock and while transitions to the arm are possible, it's not a subset of the arm bar.  An arm bar, by contrast, affects the elbow and rarely - if ever - results in damage to the shoulder.  Even if you want to grant some sort of relation, the kimura applied to Nishijima had nothing to do with pressure to the elbow. They are two different submissions with two different purposes on two parts of the body.

Kevin, you're slipping, buddy.