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Kampmann Injured - Out for UFC 72

New, comments is reporting that Martin Kampmann suffered a knee injury that will keep him out of the UFC 72 event.  Kampmann was scheduled to face Rich Franklin in the headline bout of the June 16 event, the UFC's first show in Ireland.


Thomas Gerbasi, UFC - A knee injury suffered during training has forced middleweight contender Martin Kampmann to withdraw from his June 16th bout with Rich Franklin in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  A new opponent for Franklin is currently being sought for the UFC 72 main event and will be announced shortly.

All the rumors I am hearing have Yushin Okami as the replacement.  Okami is 4-0 in the UFC and has been keeping extremely busy with all four fights coming since August of '06.

There was a lot of talk about Franklin/Kampmann being a bad main event.  But I think it was a pairing that should have made for an explosive stand-up war.  Regardless Okami is going to be a decent test for Franklin, as we'll get to see Rich try to keep the fight standing despite Okami's relentless attempts to get it to the ground.