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Jeremy Williams RIP

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Bad news by way of Sherdog.

Most of you may just be starting to catch a glimps of Jeremy Williams as he has begun to shine for the Condors on the IFL. I was fortunate enough for him to walk in to my school not yet 18 yerars old in 1998. Jeremy was a best friend to me for many years and I sort of raised him when he wasn't at home. Took him under my wing and showed him everything I know. He grew as a person, teacher, and MMA Fighter. I'm not sure what causes people to do the things they do but I feel terribly for his family and everyone around him. Jeremy I love you like a brother or as my family would say "The Brother from another mother" and I will miss you dearly. To all the NG/APEX guys if any of you need anything please feel free to call or email me and we will make it happen.


Chris Brennan

Here's how I'll remember Jeremy:

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Condolences to his friends and family.