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Vaughan Palelei - Fighter For Life

While looking over the website for the upcoming Chicago Cage Fight "Cinco De MMA" event I saw that Vaughan Palelei was on the card.  I saw Vaughan fight at an Ironheart Crown show in 2001 and he seemed like a decent enough fighter (26-2-1 according to his website, 2-2 if you go by Sherdog).  Vaughan decided to hang up the gloves in 2003, but the retirement didn't stick and he is ready to fight again.

Palelei's father was diagnosed with cancer back in '02 and after seeking treatment through alternative medicine now seems to be cancer free.  That is a feel good story in its own right, but now comes the truly good part.

Vaughan has decided that he will donate 100% of his fight purses to "non-profit organizations advocating cancer research, awareness, and prevention."

His reason for doing this (as taken from his website):


Because maybe this awareness might save your Dad too...

Mr. Paleilei has found a fan for life in me, I could care less if he ever wins another fight.

His website can be found here and the Chicago Cage Fight "Cinco De MMA" information here.

Update [2007-5-4 20:50:46 by Brent Brookhouse]:Looks like Sherdog also did a story on Vaughan's situation.