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Ryan Bennett, One Year Later

"The night of the tragedy I deleted the post made by his brother on MMAWeekly's forum breaking the news because I couldn't confirm it at the time and didn't want the story to get out that way. I called Ryan, I had spoken to him just an hour or so before, and I didn't get an answer. I surfed the other sites and didn't see anything and went to bed thinking it had to be false. I was the first MMAWeekly employee to find out but didn't know it. I woke up the next day and I went and refreshed my computer screen which was on and the story was there. Oddly enough I was the first one to find out and the last one to know. I was shocked, stunned, and in disbelief. When it set in a few minutes later I wept." -- Jeff Cain, lameting the one year anniversary of Ryan Bennett's death.

It's such a shame that a man who did so much to bring MMA into the mainstream wasn't around last weekend.  But while the new fans of the UFC will likely never learn about Ryan Bennett, his imprint on the sport is impossible to erase.  Read more about Ryan's life and accomplishments.