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Technique of the Day - Brabo Defense

This is a technique with the gi and there's also a business plug at the end, but this is an awesome counter to a threatening brabo choke.

The guy on the left is Ryan Hall and the other gentleman is Mike Easton.  I've been fortunate to train with both.  Ryan is one of the best grapplers in America and is barely a 2 year purple belt under Lloyd Irvin (no small feat; Easton is a brown belt under Irvin).  Both guys are incredible grapplers, Ryan for his flexibility and technical prowess, Easton for his athleticism and also technical prowess.  

Even though this technique uses the gi, it also shows just how intricate and complicated grappling can be.  Take note, ye Mainstream Press Experts, of the skill and technique involved.  You might GASP learn something and DOUBLE GASP enjoy yourself.