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MMA All-Star Team

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If you ever want to give your knowledge and opinions about anything MMA-related, read or listen to Stephen Quadros.  I know he and Joe Rogan have some beef (not relating to the completely fabricated hotel bathroom-black eye incident), but for my money, he's got the best analysis in the game.

So who does Quadros think makes the MMA All-Star team?  Take a peek:

NWFS: Let's say Kurt and Gareb come to you to build the ultimate A-Level IFL team, and salary caps are a non-issue. You have no restrictions. Who would be on your team, including an alternate, and why?

Quadros: Fedor Emelianenko / Heavyweight

Chuck Liddell / Light-heavyweight,

Dan Henderson / Middleweight

Georges St. Pierre / Welterweight,

BJ Penn / Lightweight

Mauricio Rua / Alternate.

Mauricio and Chuck could easily switch places, and you could make a case for Matt Lindland switching with Dan Henderson.

And if any of these fighters get beaten in the interim, from the time I make this list and the time this interview comes out, I don't care. The fighters I mention have either shown complete championship abilities or have come back from a low point and still displayed said abilities. All are very relevant to the game today.

Notice not one - Lindland is an alternate - of those fighters is in the IFL. And they wonder why their stock is tanking?