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The Safety Record of MMA

Chuck Liddell told the press that he was ready to fight after his mandatory medical suspension of 45 days was over, so AOL Sports uses the opportunity to make an excellent point by differentiating the rules the NFL and the UFC use when it comes to their atheletes sustaining concussions.  Notable quote:

[Chuck Liddell] didn't break any rules, but the Nevada State Athletic Commission has a firm policy that all boxers and mixed martial arts fighters who lose a fight by knockout or technical knockout must wait at least 45 days until they can be cleared to fight again. It's a safety precaution that is intended to give fighters who have suffered brain damage time to recuperate and seek medical attention.

That couldn't be more different from the NFL, where players often go back in games just minutes after suffering concussions. If NFL players miss time because of concussions at all, it's rarely more than a week. Last week the NFL took a positive step by mandating baseline neurological exams, but football still has a lot of work to do before its concussion policies meet with the approval of the majority of neurologists.

I made a similar point on the SB Nation's Sports Report radio show last night: when it comes to serious injuries or fatalities, the NFL, NHL, and NASCAR have a record that makes the UFC look like patty cake.