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Updates to rolls out the first among many changes to their website:

the Underground News goes live!
The news site that lets the user decide what's today's top news

May 30th, 2007 - After much work and effort from our staff, we are happy to introduce the Underground News. Although still in beta, the site is functioning close to top form. It is currently adding new content by the minute and providing an aggregated look at all the news in the mixed martial arts world.

The future of the site is in your hands. You've all visisted our site and logged in at least once. What we need now is for everyone to start voting. The Underground News gives you streaming content as it becomes available. It's up to you the users to decide what is the top news. Feel free to look through all the recently added news and start to vote (ttt) for your favorite articles. As articles recieve enough votes, they are moved into Top News.

Underground News Announces Revenue Sharing through Google Adsense

As incentive for users to submit content, we offer a revenue sharing plan for our users through Google Adsense. In your Underground News profile, there is a field to enter your google adsense ID. Each article you submit has an advertisement served by google on it's page. This ad references your ad sense ID and therefore any profit made goes directly to you. The more articles you submit and the more popular our site grows, the more revenue potential. Please click here to learn more about google adsense.

Thank You,
the Underground News Staff