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K-1 Dynamite!! USA Update

A few quick notes regarding Saturday's K-1 Dynamite!! USA card:

  • With Hong Man Choi being denied a license to fight in CA another Korean fighter has been pulled into the co-main event bout.  Brock Lesnar will now make his MMA debut against 2-5 Min Soo "Mr. Shark" Kim.  Kim has been KO'ed by Bob Sapp, Ray Sefo, Don Frye, and Siala Siliga as well as being submitted by Semmy Schilt.  I think this has to be considered a bit easier of a task for Lesnar, but possibly a necessary move by K-1 to keep the Korean fanbase interested.
  • The scheduled bout between Ray Sefo and Marvin Eastman has been pulled off the show by FEG USA.  I havn't heard any reason being given so I do not know if it was due to medical issues or otherwise.