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Why Train MMA?

An excellent explanation of why training, if not fighting, is good for the soul:

Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest growing's paced...someone's going to get hurt... But for the real enthusiasts of the sport, they realize the time, skill and guts that are needed to step into a ring or octagon.

I will never take part in the UFC or any amateur bouts for that matter. I'm too old (yeah 33 is too old!), and I don't have the time to commit fully to it. But I do participate in mixed martial arts. I do it for a multitude of reasons.

First of all it's because I love and understand the sport. Secondly I've played the usual sports like hockey, baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf, etc. at a competitive level, and nothing I've ever experienced even comes close to the workout I get in MMA.

Finally it's my therapy. I lost my Mom to cancer last June. I could have sat on some couch and told some stranger my problems to get me through it but instead I enrolled in a mixed martial arts club. Not only do I get to blow off steam but it's helped my overall conditioning and by the time I get home from two hours of technique plus another half hour of sparring, I don't have the energy to worry about things I cannot change.

For those who say it's a savage sport for guys with rocks in their heads... I say to them go back to knitting! You learn a lot about yourself when you get punched in the head.

It's a lot like life... when things aren't going your way you can fold your cards or you can do something about it... in MMA you can definitely do something about it!