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Burkman Over Karo? Part 3

Joey Odessa believes that the early money in the Karo vs. Burkman fight is coming in for Burkman for all the wrong reasons. Notable quote:

On this UFC 71 Card, the entire planet seems to be betting on Josh Burkman.  

Betting money cant find its way to Karo at all.  Karo was about a3.5- 1 favorite opening in Vegas month or so ago. he opened offshore at around 3-1, and now I've seen him as low as 2.2-1  (-220).  Most 1 sided action bout so far and outrageous bet ratio.  About 10 Burkman bets to every 1 Karo bet.  I imagine when it hiots 2-1 Karo may start getting bet.  I know I'll take stab at Karo at 2-1 or naturally anything lower.

Me too.