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TUF 5 Backyard Fight

People criticze Kimbo Slice - rightly, in my view - for fighting on concrete.  The problem is that if you land a big shot and your opponent hits their head, you can unleash lethal damage.

While this backyard fight makes for good television, you have to imagine how pissed Dana White must've been when he found out about it.  Not only did Noah incur deep cuts on his scalp, but the image of professional athletes using their honed fighting skills to settle petty disputes on the "street" is a betrayal of the UFC's promise that fighters aren't brawlers or thugs.  White and the TUF crew also put young, in-shape, trained male fighters in a house with virtually no recreational outlets.  That move is designed to ensure there's enough material on the reality show for "good television".  Be careful what you wish for, though.  You just might get it.