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Lift The Ban Watch

Willmar, Minnesota voted to put a moratorium on MMA events until an ordinance with better language could be crafted.  Notable quote:

During a half-hour public hearing, the council took testimony on an ordinance to prohibit Ultimate Fighting or mixed martial arts. After debate, the council voted to table the ordinance after four speakers said better definitions were needed of the activities proposed to be regulated.

Later, the council enacted a moratorium on Ultimate Fighting and mixed martial arts events to allow more time to craft a useful and sustainable ordinance. The moratorium was proposed in a motion offered by council member Steve Gardner.

The motion, approved on a 6-2 vote, established the moratorium not to exceed six months or until an ordinance is established, whichever comes first.

Ron Christianson spoke against the moratorium. He wanted the council to first discuss the wording of the ordinance with those who spoke in favor better definitions and descriptions of the activities proposed to be regulated.

I'm hoping this means they're trying to distinguish MMA from toughman contests, but in Minnesota anything is possible.