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Burkman Over Karo? Part 2

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I did a little rethinking about Burkman and Karo.  I still believe Karo should take this, but I think I was quick to count Burkman out.  I think his strength and overall game might give Karo some real problems, particularly as the fight goes into the later rounds.

It's hard to tell if Karo is taking Burkman lightly.  Parisyan always says he's going to annihilate his opponents, so who knows if that's just Karo being Karo or what.  Regardless, Karo is for sure the more talented fighter, but one with a few holes that Burkman can exploit.

I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm hedging my bets, but I wonder about Burkman's wrestling and physical strength.  I wonder if that'll be enough to negate Karo's attacks.  I don't think it will and I'm betting that Burkman will have trouble in scrambles and avoiding submissions from Karo.

Still though, it's all something worth considering.