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Football and Mixed Martial Arts

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With the appearance of Johnnie Morton on the K-1 event on June 2, the New York Times reveals he's not the only football player (current or former) dabbling in MMA.  Notable quote:

N.F.L. players may not want to get into the ring, but they are willing to get in a gym. For years, many players have used boxing as part of their off-season workout regimen. Recently, they have started to turn to mixed martial arts.

According to Glazer, Philadelphia's Brian Dawkins and Jacksonville's Donovin Darius have trained at a mixed martial arts gym. So has Barber. This winter, Kansas City's Jared Allen worked out at Arizona Combat Sports in Tempe.

"Football used to be our only real gladiator sport," said Trevor Lally, the owner of Arizona Combat Sports gym. "Now, players have M.M.A. to give them a taste of that one-on-one combat. The combat is what they love."

Maybe Brock Lesnar isn't so crazy after all.