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A Confession...Sort Of

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Thanks to a reader (who shall go unnamed) for getting me a tape of my color commentary from my gig last Saturday.  The good news is despite a few errors I wish I could now fix, I did a moderately respectable job.  The bad (more weird) news is that I think I channeled Bas Rutten during one of the questions.  The play-by-play guy asked me how important conditioning was in a fight.  I explained cardio was everything and that if you lose because of conditioning you have no one to blame but yourself.  But then I said something about seeing marathon runners who were just starting to train not being able to go a few rounds (not a direct translation).  I don't know which PRIDE event it was, but I swear Bas Rutten may have said the exact same thing.  Like exact, exact.  And I believe he said it in one of the DVDs I saw while doing prep work for that gig on vacation.  

I would never in a million years intentionally outright plagarize the language of a broadcaster on broadcast television.  But day-umn, what the hell is that?  I don't even remember saying it. The tape literally surprised me.  And it sounded odd when I heard it, sort of like deja vu.  

Technically what I said was true and I did, in fact, witness what I said I did.  It's actually a fairly typical thing in martial arts gyms across America.  I'm just bagging on myself for saying it the way I said.  It was way too similar to Bas's.

Maybe I'm just horribly neurotic and overly paranoid.  Ugh, I gotta get some sleep.