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Godzilla Trashes Nate Diaz

MMA Fighter has an interview with Gabe "Godzilla" Ruediger where he dishes on everything from how he's training now to the infamous nationally-televised colonics.  He's also got some choice words for Nate Diaz.  Notable quote:

Gabe - I didn't even know that Diaz said anything.

Brad - Something derogatory about your weight...

Gabe - As far as Diaz, to be honest, whatever that kid has to say, I could give two shits. I think he is a good fighter, but as far as passing judgment on people and his ability to think things through with logic, I have a difficult time thinking he has that ability. As far as Joe and Andy, for everybody, the show is just a show; say what you have to say. I'm not gonna prove myself on a TV show. I've already made my mistake and now I have to, you know, make amends, and hopefully prove to the naysayers that I just made a mistake.

I'll admit I don't see shades of Joyce or Buckley when Diaz speaks, but man, talk about dismissive.