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Lift the Ban Watch

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In Marshall, Minnesota, Councilman Charlie Sanow made this genius comment to defend his position that MMA be banned in his fair city:

"One of the problems with ultimate fighting is that it's a fight to concession," Sanow said. "To me that's like a gladiator-style fight and we're only one step away from Rome where folks can bring their weapons into the ring.

"Why condone something we wouldn't let animals do?" Sanow said. "We wouldn't let two dogs do this, why let two humans do this?"

Well, we also don't let animals drive cars, make sushi or play football, so I'm not sure how the "what's good for the animal is good for us" argument is even relevant.  Aside from what regulation offers in terms of safety, the obvious point is that humans consciously choose to take part in these competitions.  Moreover, even those who choose to fight have to meet certain standards and regulations before the contest is allowed to take place.  The danger is MMA fighting is impossible to deny, but so are the safety mechanisms in place that minimize danger.  Equating that to dog fighting is further proof of how removed from the truth Sanow actually is.

The good news is things look much better for those in Illinois.