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UFC 71 Main Event Predictions

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I'm officially announcing I believe Rampage Jackson will upset Chuck Liddell this Saturday at UFC 71.  Generally speaking, Liddell can KO anyone, anytime.  This we know for sure.  But I believe Chuck has looked very good recently beating up fighters whose background is not in stand-up fighting.  And aside from his early loss to Jeremy Horn, when Chuck losses it's because he gets outboxed.  That's exactly what Randy Couture and Rampage did in their first fights with Chuck.  Whether Liddell can make the adjustments in his gameplan to counter Rampage's boxing as The Iceman did for his second fight with Couture is yet to be seen.  I'm betting he hasn't.  Or, at least, that Rampage will be able to defeat Liddell on the feet regardless of whatever nuances each man's game plan incorporates.  Rampage is going to win this fight in much of the same way he won the first time.

The good news is that I'm in good company when it comes to picking Ramapge.  See for yourself:

Thomas Gerbasi, reporter: "Liddell's undoubtedly on top of his game, so he's rightfully the favorite here. But Jackson has walked through Chuck's bombs before, his only knockout losses have come from knees (not Chuck's specialty), and he's got everything to gain and nothing to lose in this fight. He's a live underdog on May 26th, and as recent UFC history has shown, any 'dog' can have his day."

Randy Couture, heavyweight champion: "My feeling is that this series of upsets in the UFC is going to continue and that Rampage is going to beat Chuck. I think Rampage is not intimidated and he has the skill set and the ability to make this a tough night for Liddell. I think on my picks for the main card fights on the Fight Network's 'Natural Pick,' I'm 35-15, so we'll see how I do on this card."

Me, Thomas, and The Natural.  Hey, if I go down on this pick, at least I'm not alone.