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WANTED: MMA bloggers

Two announcements:

  1.  Nothing is finalized yet, but it looks like I'm taking over the operations at BloodyElbow.  I'm excited about the opportunity and have some big plans for the site.  Part of those plans are to recruit a couple of enterprising bloggers to assist me as the site grows.  BE is part of the Sports Blog Nation, so the potential for growth (and monetary compensation) is there.
  2.  I'm going on vacation the second week of May (the 5th through the 12th).  My goal is to do vacation the right way, which means notspending time in front of the computer blogging.  So I'm looking for some stand-ins.  I can't offer monetary compensation, but I can offer you my blogging format - to post as you like - for those days.  If things go smoothly, you'll be invited back at future intervals.
If you've emailed me in the past about working with me, do so again.  If you're interested in either working for BloodyElbow or my other site or both, email me.  I'd like to see people with a background in writing, MMA, or operators of their own blog.  Regardless, shoot me a line telling me why you'd be good for the job and examples of your work if you have them.