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MMA and Marijuana

BodogNation tackles the topic and gives this blog some credit...sort of.

UPDATE: Sprawl N' Brawl gets in on the marijuana action, too. Notable quote:

I'm not saying all fighters smoke. But some obviously do. And it seems that if Sam Sheridan can identify that at least in Brazil, smoking weed is a clear part of the jiu jitsu culture, then it must have some influence on the American MMA culture, which incorporates Brazilian jiu-jitsu and its culture into its sport. And people like Nick Diaz and Diego Sanchez are clear cases of this. So why are we testing fighters for it?
Excellent question. And to the previous point, fighters wouldn't even need to import cultural practices related to jiu-jitsu in Brazil to figure out marijuana has a lot to offer. The best argument I ever heard in favor of marijuana turned a major argument against the drug on its head: if pot is so great, why does it cause people to not engage life? The obvious response - to anyone who's ever used pot - is that, on the contrary, marijuana is known to enhance the enjoyment of all sorts of activitives such as watching a movie, listening to music, eating food, enjoying the weather, helping with sleep, alleviating hangovers, inducing appetite, among dozens of others. So is it really any wonder why people choose to use the plant?