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Randy Couture

Apparently Chuck Liddell thinks he's the toughest opponent he's ever faced.  Notable quote:

East Windsor, N.J.: Who, in your opinion, has been your toughest opponent?  For which of your fights are you most proud of your performance?

Chuck Liddell: I think beating Randy, the first time I beat him. He was one of the guys who could actually take me down without me making a mistake.

I watched that fight again last night.  Randy utterly demolished him.  The Natural looked virtually unscathed at the end of that fight.  When I watched the fight the first time what struck me the most was Randy's awesome takedowns.  Ditto that on Couture's fight with Ortiz.  But the second time around it was Randy's mount in the third round.  It was a nice high mount, deep inside Chuck's armpits.  Chuck could do nothing but absorb punishment.  If Rampage can get to the mount at some point in this fight, I honestly wonder if he'll be able to do the exact same thing.