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Lift the Ban Watch 2

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The story of Brandon Garner is representative of the stories of many promising young MMA fighters in America who simply don't have the opportunity to take themselves to the next level.  If it's not his weight, its the lack of a market.  If its not the market, then the sport is outright banned. Notable quote:

Garner is 4-1 as a pro after his victory Saturday in Canton, Ohio, where he fought in the FightFest tournament. At the UFC level, there's no place for him. His fighting weight is 145 pounds and the lightest UFC class is 155.The state banned the sport after the UFC made a stop in Charlotte in 1995. Back then, the sport was billed as human pit bulls inside a steel cage with no rules.The rules have since been tightened -- no pulling hair, biting, striking the groin, back of the head or spine -- and there is an effort to bring the sport back here.For Garner, it would open up a world of opportunities.

And many more just like him.