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UFC 71 weigh-ins to be shown on ESPN News is reporting that the weigh-ins for UFC 71 will be carried live on ESPN News.  This is a nice step toward legitimacy as ESPN continues to take steps toward embracing the sport of mixed martial arts.

The weigh-ins will also be carried live on, and I believe also on Yahoo Sports (not positive on the Yahoo Sports though).

In other news is reporting that Tim Allen will star in an upcoming MMA themed movie.  Tim Allen movies are generally...what's the word?  Oh yeah...BAD.  And I worry a little about this coming across as a "wacky sports movie" where the sport isn't given any respect.  But fighters such as Randy Couture and Enson Inoue are "co-staring" (read: probably in for a scene or two) and I doubt that they'd agree to do a movie that makes the sport look bad.

If nothing else I'm hoping for a decent enough 90 minutes of light-hearted fun that takes the rough edge off of MMA and presents those involved as normal human beings.