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Final Jeremy Williams interview

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This video is strange.  Jeremy seems distracted and while very gracious, he's also reluctant to accept praise for his work or acknowledge how special his tremendous IFL wins actually were.

Again, I didn't know Jeremy.  I only spoke to him a handful of times.  And it's not necessarily the best idea to view this footage and try to uncover something meaningful out of it.  But the proximity of the timing of this interview to the moment he passed is too close for the demons that were haunting him to not be present in at least some capacity.

You can't help but wonder if the Jeremy's response to the question about his future plans is truthful.  He said he couldn't fight because of injury, but I've got my doubts.  After all, he said it's always great when you can fight and not get hurt, yet says the injury came from Oakland.  I don't know if that means the injury came from the fight or was simply a nagging injury that he

I've always felt a good blog was one where the author shared a little bit about their life with their readers.  Not too much, but enough.  To uphold that tradition, I'll confess that I lost my mother to suicide almost four years ago.  Jeremy's death doesn't especially sadden me or make me believe there's a cosmic connection, but it does make me wonder about the tortured souls of those who choose such an exit.  For Jeremy's sake, and for that of my mother, I hope they have found the peace they were seeking.