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Phil Baroni = The Meaning of Class

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Reports are coming out that Phil Baroni and Josh Burkman tangled at a night club over the weekend.

This was the 2nd time in the last couple of months Baroni has taken it outside the ring/cage.

This UFCJunkie update to their initial report of the first incident is classic:

UPDATE: was contacted April 10 by a representative from, the sports agency that represents Phil Baroni and is run by Ken Pavia. We are told that the Forum message mentioned below was not posted by Pavia, but rather, another employee of the company. Additionally, we were told that the two men referenced in the account were not black and that the description of the event was not an actual eyewitness account and was instead pieced together from hearsay.

Could this be the same Phil Baroni who has given all MMA fans so many hours of joy?