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Couture on Dancing With The Stars

Not as a contestant, but not as an extra either.  Notable quote:

Recently re-anointed UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture knows no boundaries. The soft-spoken role model for mixed martial arts will get a visit from "Dancing With The Stars" entry Leeza Gibbons this Friday at his Legends Gym in Los Angeles.

Ms. Entertainment Tonight narrowly escaped elimination on Tuesday night's results show, though she scored well with the judges, so expect "the Natural" to impart some of his mental strategy to the hapless hoofer, all for the DWTS cameras.

The segment, which could get 23 million viewers, will air Monday or Tuesday.

Jesus, this is gay.  It's good exposure for Couture, but still.  I'm guessing Randy's going to do some "tough training" with Gibbons to buck up her spirits and give her some competitive edge by teaching her how to hit a heavy bag.

As Eric Cartman would say, "LAME".