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Ultimate Fight Night Open Thread

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Main Card Bouts:
Joe Stevenson vs. Melvin Guillard
Antoni Hardonk vs. Justin McCully
Kenny Florian vs. Dokonjonosuke Mishima

Live play by play is here.

Update [2007-4-5 20:33:39 by Kid Nate]: Wow, KenFlo really dominated Mishima, but he came really really close to tapping to a knee bar. I had picked Mishima and was definitely rooting for him but I've got to hand it to Florian, he dominated every aspect of the fight. It's a dramatic display of the possibilities of MMA -- Florian dominated the whole way through but came just inches away from losing the whole fight to submission.

Wow. McCully vs Hardonk was one mediocre fight. Why did they air this instead of the Drew Fickett fight? Is either of these guys going to be a contender in any conceivable scenario? Hardonk had NO ground defense and McCully was so sloppy that even Hardonk's so-so jiu jitsu almost caught him in an armbar.

Pellegrino schools my namesake on the ground. Nice to see a leglock win a fight in the UFC. Pretty awful breakdancing after the fight. I hope young Nate Mohr didn't sustain a serious leg injury, that submission looked nasty.

I am officially a HUGE Joe "Daddy" Stevenson fan after that performance. He took Melvin Guillard to S-C-H-O-O-L. That's what Melvin gets for not having any respect and talking trash. The ref had to make him tap hands. I hope Melvin learns from this, he's a talented kid and could be a real contender if he'd just settle down and be sensible.