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Diaz on MMA judging

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Nick Diaz - a master of subtlety - remains mysterious and non-committal regarding the competence of MMA judges.  Notable quote:

Then you got these judges out there that don't f*cking know their @ss.  They don't know what the f*ck they are talking about.  It's like I shouldn't even be asked these questions.  You should just go right away and say what the f*ck is up with these judges.  Where do they come from and where did they learn about Jiu Jitsu or anything about wrestling?  I'm not trying to say they don't know about boxing skills.  They might know about that, they might not.  I don't even know who the f*ck they got up there, but they don't know their @ss dude and your not gonna have any MMA guys that know something about fighting up there doing the judging because they would have had to have known something from somewhere in which case would have made them affiliated in some sort of way and that makes whatever they judge or score all bullsh!t.  It's why things are the way they are. Because this sport is a brand new sport and it's all about background and the ripple effects of where they come from.  Like what the hell do you know and these guys don't know sh!t.