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The Truth STILL hurts

Brandon Vera speaks!  After posting on, Vera reveals he's still training and most interestingly, still with Rob Kaman.  Notable quote:

First and foremost I would like to apologize to all of my friends and fans, coaches and family for being held up for a minute. I know, I know the 1M dollar ?'s are when/who/where are you fighting again. I honestly don't know. I do know whoever I fight next it's gonna be in for a good one.

I'm headed to Thailand today and I'm gonna travel from camp to camp. (yes I'm still with Rob Kaman) I actually tried to bring him wiith me, but, his shcedule wouldn't permit. I'm meeting him in Holland after May 2nd. After that Big Bear with Rampage and after that East Coast with Master Lloyd Irvin. Just cuz I don't have a fight lined up dosen't mean anyone is gonna catch me slippin.

When he gets to these parts, I'll see if I can set up an interview with him.  Also, I was under the impression he split with Rob Kaman vis a vis City Boxing, but apparently not.  So if he's still training with elite coahces and improving every element of his game, good on him.  Maybe that layoff won't hurt him so bad afterall.