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Who's laughing now?

I went 3 for 9 on my predictions for UFC 69.  Keep in mind that means I did worse than someone who flipped a coin to decide who would win each match.  Pathetic, right?

Well, I redeemed myself a little.  I only wrote about three matches, but I got them all right.  Which ones you ask?  The F. Emelianenko vs. Lindland, A. Emelianenko vs. Pele, and Thompson vs. Alvarez fights at the BodogFight PPV event in St. Petersburg, Russia on Saturday.

I'm particularly proud of the Thompson call since a) he was the odds on underdog and b) Sherdog wrote him off as a "journeyman". Who's laughing now? ME.  Notable quote:

In a very real sense, this fight is a test for both men. Thompson has steadily climbed to the rank of welterweight contender, but needs this victory to cement the climb. Alvarez comes into this fight needing to prove he isn't a fighter with heavy hands and a little bit of luck. BodogFight could do well with either fighter winning, but the promotion may be hoping that the young Alvarez can add another victory to his highlight reel. He would likely be more marketable as a champion and his style is exciting enough to catch the attention of MMA fans.

My assessment? A slight edge goes to Thompson in this fight. He has the size and reach advantage over Alvarez as well as the wrestling and experience. He will also likely come into the fight with a patient and well thought-out gameplan. Alvarez will also come in in-shape, but as the fight goes into the third and fourth rounds his lack of experience may lead to mistakes. The veteran Thompson will quickly exploit any openings for the dominant finish.