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Odds for BodogFight PPV

I like the odds for Aleks vs. Pele.  If Aleks drops below -200, then you have to switch bets.  For now, though, its safe to go with the odds leader.

But the odds for Fedor vs. Lindland are strange.  I think -650 is way too high.  The "on paper" mismatch is much worse than the slight mismatch of reality.  And for Matt, if you lay down $100 on him you'll win $450.  I like those odds A LOT.

I think Fedor should win this.  And who knows, maybe he crushes Lindland like everyone expects.  But as we've seen recently, when a "sure thing" goes up against "nothing to lose", crazy things happen.

A parlay bet on both Emelianenko brothers would be sweet, but Bodog's not allowing it. I'll let you know if anyone else does.