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Franklin vs Kampmann? Not yet

Rumors have been swirling that Martin Kampmann - fresh off his submission win over Miletich product Drew McFedries - is set to tangle with former middle weight champ Rich Franklin at UFC 72 in Ireland.  But Franklin's management says not so fast.  Courtesy Nokaut, this notable quote:

"Absolutely nothing has been confirmed regarding Rich's next fight," J.T. Stewart, Rich Franklin's media contact, told me Saturday in response to rumors of a Franklin versus Martin Kampmann main event at UFC 72 in Ireland June 16.  The matchup was reported Thursday, April 5 by and is listed in the "Rumors" section at MMA Weekly.  "Rich is in Alaska and is not in contact with anyone," Stewart continued, "Nothing has been decided.  Period."
That's not a "no", but it's for sure not a yes.  Hold your horses, internet rumor starters.