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Trigg's Psych Out Tactics Don't Work on Lawler

In fact, they earned him a late hit after the KO. Lawler's not exactly a young man known for his self-restraint.

Lawler staggered Trigg with an overhand right in the second round. One minute and 40 seconds into the fourth, Lawler connected on a devastating left hook-right hook-left upper cut combination that sent Trigg sprawling.

As the referee jumped in to stop the fight, Lawler caught the prone Trigg with another right hook.

"If it was Niko (Vitale) I wouldn't have done that, because Niko's the man and he has respect," Lawler said. "Trigg has no respect."

It's too bad I didn't realize until after the fact that was web casting the event live. URGG!! Oh well, next time.

Mayhem Miller and Charuto Verrissimo got quick first round KOs. Wonder if we'll see either of them back in the UFC or PRIDE anytime soon.