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MMA and humor

MMA is a serious sport.  It's got serious athletes.  The struggles are serious.  The fight to keep the sport alive is serious.  The pain and training are serious.  And the love for the sport itself from the fans across the world is serious.

But can you clowns relax a little?

I love the sport as much as the next meathead, but I believe virtually everyone from the fans to the promoters to the investors to the fighters themselves are just a weebit uptight.

And why shouldn't they?  This is a sport that's survived because those who love the sport and are involved in it have defended it doggedly against naysayers and government crackdowns.  Fans are called barbarians, the sport has been referred to as "human cockfighting" and was banned from television.  We've been under siege for so long that we've become uptight and defensive.

I think a future for MMA looks pretty solid at this point.  We need to let our guard down and simply enjoy the the fights, other fans, the personalities of the sport just a little bit more.  In fact, my hope for the radio show (and we will get going soon I promise) is to inject some laughs into the insightful, but dull world of MMA radio.  I realize this blog isn't exactly a knee-slapper, but that's part design, part me finding what voice I want to use.  As soon as I have an audience to speak of and they know me, I think you'll see a little more levity all around.

But there are a few characters in MMA who provide some much-needed chuckles.  In honor of their contribution, I thought I'd post some of their work here.  Enjoy.

Bas Rutten:

Rampage Jackson:

Don Frye:
Dear Don,

I know that a lot of your questions are asked by men, but I'm a 33-year-old woman.  The guy I've been seeing is real macho, like you, so hopefully you can help me.

This guy and I have been dating for about 2 months.  Our relationship has mainly consisted of sex only.  We meet, maybe talk for 5 minutes, and then it's right down to business.  We have amazing sex!  Best I've ever joke.  But I'm really starting to like this guy and I don't want to get hurt.  How do I tell him without chasing him away?  Or should I just back off a bit and play like I'm not so interested?

First of all, this sounds like a pretty good deal, so I'm not sure you want to go and mess with it.  But if you really want to find out if he's interested, it's simple: do what every other woman in the world does.

The next time he comes over, you suddenly get your period.  Then you suggest that the two of you just talk.  If you really want to get crazy, do what married women do and get your period three or four times a month.