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Mainstream Not Quite There

The NBC Sports Blog admits that UFC stories get traffic like nothing else on their web site. Then the columnist proceeds to write the following crap:  

So headquarters tells me that nothing on our site gets the hits that Ultimate Fighting does. There's something about watching two nearly naked men beating one another to a bloody pulp that just fascinates people. What in the name of Ken Shamrock is going on here?

Maybe we can blame it on the fact boxing ceased to exist the day Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson. And maybe this explains why they cannot manufacture "Saw" movies fast enough, or why that film 300 looks more like a video game than a movie.


No matter. I'm not here to judge. I've always felt that in order to call something a sport, you only needed (but had to have) the following two elements:

  1. physical prowess involved
  2. defense
Everything else is either a game (poker, for instance) or athletics (downhill skiing). Ultimate Fighting has both physical prowess and defense, so it's a sport as far as I'm concerned. Brutal sport, but a sport.

What's next, though? Should there be a prison-riots channel? How about BBN (Bar Brawl Network), where we get to watch actual bar fights taking place? Have you ever seen someone actually being hit over the noodle with a beer bottle? It's not like what you saw in "Blazing Saddles".


Anyway, long live UFC, I say. It's not as if we saw any less blood being spilled during the Duke-Carolina game on Sunday.

This totally pisses me off. I watch MMA for the strategy and the endless possibilities. To me, boxing is like chess, a great game with a lot of possibilities but MMA is like the chinese game GO -- impossibly complex with infinite possibilities.

I'm sick of the same media conglomerates that provide us with endless gore and horror slamming the UFC. But time, and ratings are on our side. And Randy Couture was on ESPN. That's a major step forward.