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UFC 68: The Implications

Well the big winners last night were (in order): The fans, the UFC, and Randy Couture.

The fans got to see an amazing show -- yeah most of the match ups were so-so and so were most of the fights -- but that one amazing match, Randy Couture coming out as an overwhelming longshot and planting Sylvia on his ass with the first punch before going on to dominate completely for five rounds. Wow. That is the reason we have sports.
Dana White knows that UFC won big last night. I expect to see Randy Couture discussing his amazing come back on the Tonight Show and Good Morning America before long. In the mean time the AP has the story and Fight Report has the animated gif.

Losers? I'd say the crew here at Bloody Elbow made some pretty bad picks! But we enjoyed the fights so much I guess it's even.